Monday, October 09, 2017

Easy Spinach and Mushroom Noodles 菠菜香菇面

A poached egg would be perfect, just like this Mushrooms Spinach Saute with Noodles and Egg; but well, life is not perfect.

So I made this easy noodle bowl that is perfect for no-time-to-make-dinner, almost-wanted-takeout-night. Indeed, it is simple home-cooked fare, without the high-in-sodium, high-in-grease burden for late night dinner.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Shrimps, Avocado, Radish, Mixed Vegetables Salad 烤虾蔬菜沙拉

This Farmers' Market Salad is made with organic salad vegetables, watermelon radish, sweet peppers - all from the farmers' market.

Piled below the grilled/roasted shrimps, eggs and avocado is a fresh mix of salad vegetables - organic heirloom red spinach, red dandelions, baby kale and lettuces.

From the farmers' market

Lately, I enjoy salads that can be partially prepared in advance e.g. radish and sweet peppers are prepared and sliced, set aside; eggs already hard-boiled (part of routine meal preparation).

Come meal-time, roast/grill the shrimps for a healthy, delicious and nutritious salad bowl meal e.g. Asparagus, Cauliflower, Quinoa Bowl, that can be assembled very quickly.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Green Heirloom Tomatoes with Eggs - 青番茄炒蛋

Traveling brings new inspiration (e.g. Chicken with Shallots-Carrot Sauce from Chicken with Carrots, Vegetables-Simmered Rice Vermicelli from Home-Style Fried Vermicelli) to my kitchen and home-cooking.

The inspiration for today's recipe came from this dish tried and tasted in our China vacation almost two years ago - in one of the restaurants serving Yu/Xin Yang cuisine. When I first tasted the dish, I could not figure out this green-ish ingredient (vegetable or fruit?) in the plate of fluffy moist fried egg-scramble. That ingredient was tender, had some bite and a light sourness. It was definitely not leafy greens, or green bell peppers. A list of squash(es) such as cucumber, zucchini, luffa gourd, hairy melon and chayote exhausted my mind, yet no match was found.

Only then, one of our servers told us that this sourish appetizing dish was actually green tomatoes (one of their local produce) fried with eggs. WHAaat? As I have cooked tomatoes with eggs before and quite often as well, I could not find any similarity except that both versions of tomatoes with eggs are super delicious.

Ever since I returned from the trip, I have been thinking how to re-create it at home. The first thing I had to clarify was the use of green - typically known as unripe tomatoes. I have heard that unripe tomatoes (typically green tomatoes) are poisonous and cannot be consumed. After some reading up, I found that the dish that we tried in China was made from ripe green tomatoes (a special tomato variety that stays green even when ripe), so I thought I could try it with the green zebra-striped heirloom tomatoes back in the US, which are actually also ripe tomatoes just green in color.